Skin and Makeup Institute of Arizona, the Only Institute for Aesthetics Training in Paradise Valley


Choosing a suitable career path may be very difficult for some people because of the significance of the decision in your life. There are some consideration before choosing any career path, such as financial aspects and passions. For those who are interested in skin care and make up, and want to make money from something you love, especially if you live around Paradise Valley, Arizona, joining aesthetics training from the Skin and Makeup Institute of Arizona can be a great step for you. As the only institute that offers aesthetics training in Paradise Valley, SMI provides 600-hour training that will enhance your understanding about the internal mechanism and function of your skin. Another thing you will study is  about salon and spa techniques to train you for doing body and facial treatments, and also clinical treatments which will solve various skin disorders. There will be written tests and mock state board testing every week for each student to check the confidence level that is necessary to pass state boards practical and written examinations.

Other than basic training about clinical treatments, salon techniques, and facial and body treatments, you will learn about following areas as well, such as:

  • Waxing techniques: this lesson is about how to remove hair from every area of body and face
  • Skin analysis: this lesson focused on in depth and detailed diagnosis to enhance your understanding about skin condition
  • Applications of facials: you will learn how the techniques for cleaning, toning, massaging, and masking face depend on the skin type
  • Acne treatment: you will learn further about additional mild cases from irregular skin
  • Manual lymphatic drainage: the lesson will help you to learn about how to do lymphatic drainage to by hands to enhance immune systems and support skin type
  • Treatment for sun-burnt: you will learn a lot about the condition of skin that are overly exposed to the sun, hyper-hypo pigmentation, and the treatment to solve the problem
  • Natural detoxification: this is a lesson about how to cleanse your internal body part
  • Mature skin treatment: this is a lesson about how to treat aging signs, such as loss of collagen, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Application of sun tan: a lesson about self-tanner to body or face
  • Micro-dermabrasion: you will learn about delicate crystal exfoliation

In this training program, you will be able to choose specialize program based on your interest and you will get the chance to be an expert in the future and current technology related to the practice for an aesthetician, recent novel spa treatments, and future and recent trend in makeup industry, skin, and beauty. Another fundamental knowledge that you will learn in this training program is basic makeup that become one of the most wanted treatment next to beauty services. This lesson will give information and training about typical application of makeup, applying fake eyelashes, and makeup for special occasions. You will also learn about the way to give instruction to clients who wish to do their makeup at home, such as about makeup component and the way each component enhance the looks. This skill and knowledge are certainly valuable, especially if you are planning to work as professional with cosmetic surgeons or at doctor’s office, salon, and spa.

Other than the knowledge and techniques that are already described, this program will also prepare you to eventual licensing based on your specialized field. By joining this program you will also experience broad hands-on training to ensure you have an in-depth understanding for every practices and techniques. SMI will provides every necessary aesthetics kit, textbooks, uniforms, and supplies to prepare you to take Arizona State Board exam.